Welcome to the COBRATECH web site.


We are a team of kit car owners, that like to improve particular setups in our cars.

Our ideas starts there where the "Kit Car Manufactures" stops.


This is an extension of our hobby, that means that the prises for the items in this site have the value of materials and fabrication, plus small amount that cover our expends. (We are not a commercial shop)


Cobra's kits are the first ones involved, but others would have their solutions too.


We like to improve the:






CAD-CAM 3D software are used in our designs to facilitate simulations and stress calculations, prior to any manufacturing.

Herewith we check the movements and the stresses originated by the forces, therefore the result products will take advance of the normal solutions.



Improving of standard vendor solutions is not enough, therefore we totally redesign the equipment.

We maintain the function of the equipment but we implement all the users whish's, we just listen to you.



Ergonomics, Weight control, Installation, Durable Materials, New edge manufacturing, etc. are our driven ideas.

User approach is our motto, and we will guide the end user to have the right decision, Simplified "MS excel spread sheets" will be used to guide you with the cylinders selection and to provide you with the right information.


You can find our ideas at the "Solutions" section.


Please be invited to take contact with us and let us know what kind of (changes)solutions you like to have. We will generate a priority list and let you know where we are working on.